Choosing Niche Market

Finding A Niche

Niche can be explained as pertaining to or intended for a market; having specific appeal.

Why is it important?

This is a very commonly asked question whenever people are planning on to start their own business, be it online or offline.

Many people find choosing a niche market difficult. Therefore, they tend to sell everything under one roof and wish that somehow they can make some money along the way. In the long run, their business will only suffer due to the inability of building a strong brand and strategically positioning itself in the market, hence leading to loss of identity.

My experience

In my effort to find the perfect niche, I’d done extensive research and findings. Truth be told, there is no perfect niche in the market. Please, do not invest any effort or your precious time trying to find one as this will not happen.

Do not confuse yourself by making it too complicated when you are trying to discover a niche. I realized that a lot of career mums, who are potential mumpreneurs have taken a step back due to this reason. They are inundated with tonnes of questions already; from how to set up their business to what to market, which audience/customers to target and so on. Sad to say, all these concerns (coupled with the task of figuring out a niche) have hindered them to further pursue their dream to become work-from-home mums.

How to find a niche?

Now that we have known the importance of a niche, the one question that we have all been wanting to ask is: how to find a niche?

Simply put, think of a niche as just a ‘group of people’.


Next, choose a direction that you wish to focus on and attempt to be as specific as you possibly can.

You may want to share, say, about music. This however, covers a large and wide scope of subject or area. Narrow it down to:

  • How to choose a suitable piano for kids? [Still too broad]
  • How to choose a suitable piano for kids aged 4 to 10? [You will soon discover that there is indeed a group of people looking for a piano for kids ranging from ages 4 to 10]

There you go, bravo! You have found yourself a niche!


No niche is too competitive.

In fact, almost any or everything is capable of being a niche as there are MILLIONS of people out there, who are searching for it in the market. A niche can be a precise field, where you offer your assistance or advice on how to solve a ‘problem’.

Feel free to go through this article that I will be sharing below, I find it useful and it has helped me to find my niche.


Once you are able to identify a ‘group of people’ who will be interested in your products, you can easily make a conversion.

Please give me your comments and feedback and I am ready to share more with you.


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