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Melissa Chan 

Never Try, Never Know


What is your philosophy as a mum?


  1. Have enough coffee
  2. Get enough of ‘me’ time.
  3. Communicate, listen, ask…never assume anything

What is your current profession?

  1. I owned a PR Firm called EA Creative Media Relation and I’m a PR Advisor.
  2. I’m also a freelance writer for few digital media and one with a bi-weekly newspaper, however I do not own any of these digital channels and newspaper. In the meantime, down the pipeline, I’m in a midst of planning a ‘platform’ for entrepreneurs as well, however will keep you guys updated once it’s ready. Of course, not forgetting that I’m a mother, daughter, sister, wife, and a daughter in law!

What is your passion?

I love to write, which I have turn it into my business. Other than that, I loved to draw, reading European history while enjoying a cup of great coffee.

What is your inspiration and how you started your profession/blog?

I have always wanted to do something on my own but just could not find out what I’m good at. Finally, my ex-manager told me that I was capable in PR, hence the reason why I jump into that industry. Sometime, it takes a 3rd party to ‘tell’ you things as you yourself cannot see or notice it.

In PR, you are not a PR person if you can’t write, and I have no confidence in myself previously because I was told that my writing was horrible! I wrote for my clients: articles, press releases, company profiles, etc as I could not afford to hire a freelancer or writer since my company is just a new start-up. Luckily I did have someone who helps me along the way, and slowly I managed to gain my confidence in writing. You just have to keep on moving and learn from your experience and mistakes.

I started to look for freelance writing jobs as to improve my writing skills, keeping myself busy during down-time and ‘enhance’ my profile.

What is your profession / blog about?

  1. EA Creative Media Relation is a public relation (PR) or media relation company. We connect the media (magazines, newspaper and digital channels) with our clients (by invitation) for press conferences/media launches and by creating awareness (delivering press releases). We also customize content according to our client’s company, background and their target audiences. Lastly, we give consultation to our clients on PR, marketing and branding related matters.
  2. Freelance writer – I’ve been writing for few online websites for the past year focusing on: bridal, lifestyle, beauty, parenting, cars, motorbikes and pets.
  3. Soon to come – I have another few more venture tuck under my plans which I may share or announce in later stage.

What makes your profession / blog unique?

  1. EA Creative Media Relation – We make sure that our clients’ gets the awareness that they deserves through customised content, right media channels and reaching their (right) targeted audiences.
  2. Freelance writing – focusing on lifestyle topics
  3. Soon-to-come, will update accordingly

How do you balance being a mother and running your own business/career?

It takes a lot of patience, discipline and perseverance! Prepare a to-do-list and prioritized what is important. Set a goal for yourself and take small steps so you may achieve them like: spending quality time with your family – 2 hours a day, ‘Me’ time – doing what you like: reading, relaxing, going out for coffee or tea, or just doing nothing for 1 hour a day. Once you have a schedule, it’s easier for you to refer back and see what you have achieved so far, and plan ahead on what needs to be done.

It’s a sacrifice that you have to make to achieve your career and business goals. But you can always find a way to compliment back via activities that you may do together such as going to the park, enjoying ice-cream or a meal, watch movie, drawing or just chatting! However, try to stay away from digital gadgets during these activities.

What is your advice or sharing you have for other mums who think of setting up their own small business?

If you have decided on what you wanted to do, make sure you:

  1. Prepare a marketing and business plan – you need a plan to kick start a project. From the plan, then you may know your budget, what needs to be done, how to get things done and when it can be done.
  2. Survey the industry – check on the competitors to see how is the market
  3. Talk to experts such as entrepreneurs or like-minded people – listen to these people on how they succeed in their businesses, how many times they fail, what keep them motivated to move on.
  4. Do NOT be afraid of failure(s) – if you never try, you will never know! Success will never come if you don’t ‘fail’. If you have tried, and yet things are not what you’ve expected, take it as an experience and learn from it!
  5. Stop thinking and just take the ‘plunge’ (if you have decided) – the more you think, the higher the chances that you will never start.

Up-coming events

My own entrepreneur site – will be ready within Apr 2016

What is your motherhood/mumpreneur slogan?

  1. Slowly, but surely
  2. Never try, never know

Stay contact with me should anyone/companies are looking for awareness or having a launch and wanted to connect with the media as well as copywriting jobs. 

  • EA Creative Media Relation





If you would like to inspire others and share your success story as a successful mumpreneur, you are welcome to drop a message to support@careermumsclub.com

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