Family fun times = Bonding time!



Parents should always come up with creative ideas and translate them into fun activities for the whole family to enjoy. Children love to play as playtime allows them to use their imagination and apply new skills, which they have picked up.

Yeah, let’s play! But what to play, you may ask?

There are a lot of activities that parents can do together with their children, both young and old. Activities that are engaging and entertaining at the same time will ensure the involvement and participation from all family members.

Let us take a look at the following examples:

  1. Cooking
    Both parents and children can make simple to prepare dishes together, bake cakes and cookies, etc. Apart from learning about food appreciation, parents can hone cooking skills in their children at a young age. 
  2. Drawing, colouring and painting
    Parents can encourage their children to create art, which will, in turn help in the development of motor skills, facilitate visual learning and allow them to be expressive and inventive.
  3. Playing cards and board games
    Just by playing a game of chess, draughts, Monopoly or Scrabble, parents can enhance their children’s ability to think critically and teach them vital skills and values such as communication, patience, fair play, etc.
  4. Visiting the local park
    Parents can plan a fun filled day at the park with their children by having a picnic or simply engaging in light physical activities such as hiking, playing football, cycling, etc.
  5. Looking at old family photos or other albums
    Parents can instil the importance of family ties in their children, while creating a better understanding of the family’s roots and history.  

And the list goes on…

As time passes, you may find the activities above conventional and somewhat ‘dull’. So, why not do something that is different and interesting?

How about making a family website with photos and news? Does this sound exciting to you? Never had I imagined that this could be a family activity. 


Why do you need a family website? Well, here are some of the reasons:

  • It makes planning for reunions, parties and vacations easier
  • It allows sharing of family data and important dates such as anniversaries and birthdays
  • It keeps family values alive
  • It makes sharing of private videos and photographs possible
  • It enables sharing of age-old family recipes
  • It preserves and cherishes family history

In this day and age, most parents are internet savvy. Owning an account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Skype has become very common place. Using an array of free support tools that are widely available today, practically anyone can build a family website without much difficulty.

Let’s find out more about these famous family website building tools:

Zalongo, which is available for free, is a fun and private website, whereby users can share documents, videos, photos and even recipes among family members only. Prior to getting started, users will be guided on how to set up their website. Zalongo also has other excellent features such as calendar, locations and wish lists, enabling users to stay in constant touch with their loved ones.

Alternatively, users can use Famlu to create their family website. This ‘free to try’ tool is available for upgrade based on the discretion of users at either $5 per month or $50 per year, which is affordable and inexpensive for every family. Famlu has a good privacy policy in place. Therefore, users can rest assured that information regarding their families is well protected and remains private.

Family Crossings
Using Family Crossings, users can opt to create their family website for free or sign up for the standard or premium services for a fee. As there are no contractual obligation, users have the freedom to cancel their account at any given time.

Among the notable benefits of using Family Crossings are the ability to take full control over one’s family’s privacy as  viewing of the website’s content is restricted to invited members only. Also, the availability of multiple communication methods such as live chat, discussion forum, videos etc enables users to customise their communication to suit their different needs.


Another website creating tool that is available for free with the option to upgrade, Wix offers a wide variety of stunning themes for users to build their family website upon. It is the preferred choice for some as tutorials and walkthroughs are readily available to guide users every step of the way and a support forum is also in place to help clarify any questions that users may have. Wix is mobile compatible, making it convenient to browse across all mobile devices.

So, what are you waiting for? Put your thinking caps on and start planning for your family fun times now! If you need a hand, just drop me a message below and I will be more than willing to help you create an incredible family website!



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