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Life Long Learning & Persistence Shapes Florence

Who is Florence Ki

Hi, my name is Florence, a single mother with a teenage boy who is going into college next year.

I am a learning person and literally feed on knowledge. Never once am I able to stop learning.

Graduating with professional degree from Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in 2009 to successfully get myself a MBA degree in 2015, I kept improving myself non-stop.

Even friends surrounding me can’t rationalise my thirst for knowledge.

Currently I am taking DBA degree and will complete by 2020 (hopefully).

I continuously learn because I knew, only by doing so, I will not be phased out by the younger generation (actually I enjoy learning new things).

Currently, I am working as a Chief Operating Officer in a government linked organisation.


Moving up the corporate ladder in less than 7 years, from a senior executive to where I am now is definitely full of hard work and “stories”.

Particularly when you are working in a government environment full of “cultural shock”.

Despite having quite “smooth sailing” career for the past 8 years (literally mean as long as you work hard, you can get what you want), I never stop improving myself and crafting my retirement career plan.

“Tell you the truth, working for others for the rest of my life is a “no, no” to me”.

That’s the reason why I need to plan for my retirement career as early as possible (will explain later on my plan).

Of course, I do pamper myself during free time too.

Well, the way I pamper myself is neither going shopping, facial, spa nor indulge in food.

My free time is meant to watch my favourite drama, hiking, running and spending time with my family!

I love to sit on my couch to watch my favourite drama.

And I really love slow hike and slow run when I am free. Oh ya… I want to slow down my pace so I can “feel” the world.

You can say that spending time with family is a responsibility, but to me, it is something I really enjoy doing.

Sometimes, just by sitting down with them and not saying a single word is a luxury for me.

But when I am stress, I will cook and clean up the house. So if you see my house is super clean and tidy, this means I am totally stressed out (just kidding).

My Retirement Career Plan

Ok, let’s get back to my retirement career plan.

I started to think about retirement as early as when I was only 30 years old. Of course, back then I was only “thinking”.

Thought of starting a blog to earn money online. But because during that time, online learning is not widely available, I find it so hard to start.

Therefore, like many others, I just started bits here and there, ended up not getting  me anywhere.

Until few years ago, I really got myself into blogging after heavily inspired by the success stories of many influential bloggers, particularly Jeff Bullas and Pat Flynn.

Blogging is so interesting that in many occasions I have the urge to quit my job. Of course, it never happened as I was held back by some mentors in my career.

Holding on to the principle of “doing makes learning easier”, I started my business blog namely ClickWebSuccess.com.

This blog shares all about blogging, affiliate marketing and earn money online at home. And I only share legitimate, proven and real ways to earn money online.

This is my retirement career plan!

In order for me to complete one post, normally I will conduct research on no lesser than 20 relevant content from Google results.

Sometimes, for more complex topic, I will even browse some academic journals which I paid to subscribe.

Because I am still doing 9 to 5 job, the only time I have for my blog is after-work hours.

I spent no less than 20 hours a week to work on my blog at home.

That’s the reason why watching drama, hiking, jogging and spending time with family become my luxury activity.

It is all because I chose to sacrifice today’s free time in exchange for a comfortable retirement career.

Balancing between Career and the Role as Single Mother

I just do it!

In fact, we have 24 hours a day. So nothing is impossible.

If I only spend 8 hours at work, 3 hours blogging per day, 6 hours sleeping, then I still have 7 hours to choose things that I want to do. (ok, I relax myself sometimes).

If I don’t work 7 days a week, I still have full 2 days weekend for my son.

When any mother complaints the lack of time for her child, then I guess it is really about time management and what you really prefer to do.

I wouldn’t say I am a perfect mother, but comparable to many, I think I am not that bad.

Look, at least my son completed his IGCSE exam when he is only 15 years old. And he is going for foundation course in college at 16 years old.

During free time, I will bring my son for his movie and buy him his favourite popcorn. And I love to cook for him too.

Oh ya… forgotten. Recently I forced him to go jogging with me too but failed miserably to convince him.

I am still learning how to manage a teenage boy. Anyone can help me?

My Advice for Single Mother

If you are a single mother like me, the most important thing that you need to manage is your emotion and attitude in life.

When a person has high emotional intelligence and positive attitude, nothing will ever pose as problem.

I had my downturn too.

But I am very conscious of how I react to challenging situations particularly cautious when I realise the continuous development of negative feelings over time.

In fact, bad things just happened to me recently. I experienced 5 major hiccups that happened within 30 days in my life. Look, it is MAJOR!

This even caused my frequent visits to psychiatrist. Pathetic right?

My son was hospitalised, I was diagnosed with lump (suspected cancer), lost huge amount of money for being kind to friend and some other issues that I am not convenient to share now.

I was so depressed that everything beautiful in my life seem to fall apart.

Tried so hard not to share this with friends so I won’t sink into negatively like one of my friend who did.

To seek solace, she will complaint non-stop, post on Facebook and expect attention to her problem.

But what she doesn’t know is all these will not improve her situation but rather make things worse. The negative impact is going to hurt more.

Considered myself lucky, I was back again on my feet after one month of feeling depressed.

How did I managed to be so resilient?

It’s all about managing my emotion and attitude in life. When a person manages her mind to be positively inclined, everything will fall in perfectly.

It is all about YOU controlling your MIND.

My son is well again and the lump on my body is certified harmless. Of course some issues that I can’t share now turned positive too.

Suddenly situations started to improve. It all happened so swiftly in less than 2 months – from negative to positive.

And all thanks to the power of mind. It’s how you “intentionally” switch your mind towards positive thinking.

My advice to all single mothers out there, nothing is so difficult in life.

We live a life full of happiness, frustration, sadness, joy and then to finally see hope.

It is a journey full of excitement.

As long as we are still alive, there is hope!

Earning Money Online at Home

If you are like me and want to start a blog as your retirement career, I advise you to start as early as possible, preferably now.

To help you get started, you can check out my article on Affiliate Marketing: Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide.

In this article, I share about how you can find a profitable niche, create your blog, drive traffic and start monetize.

One word of caution: Despite blogging can earn you passive income, it is never easy to achieve success. There are lots of hard work, patience and persistence involved. Get ready to face the negative comment of our loved ones, those who won’t understand why you kept on writing content without getting paid for months. If you are not careful, can easily be drained out.

Like you, I also keep trying.

But if you want to see immediate result, you can try other online work at home alternatives. It is mostly get paid as you work at home method.

For those who want to learn more about making money online, you are welcome to email me at florenceki@clickwebsuccess.com.

If you have a story to share as well we would like to hear from you.

Do drop us an email at support@careermumsclub.com

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