How to choose a quality children face mask?

The government just announced schools reopen dates. However, the first thing that strikes a parent’s mind is to source for the best face masks for their children. Before you spent your money on “the best” children face masks, let me share with you some of the due diligence I have done and hope it can help you to make a wiser decision.

There are many types of children masks in the market currently price ranging from RM0.80/pcs to RM1.50/pcs but I believe that most parents are still in the dark when it comes to choosing children’s face masks. And, would think that any face masks are able to protect their precious ones from the deadly virus but it is completely a misconception that can be costlier than the price of the mask itself.

When I first started to search for face masks available in the market, I found out there are mostly 3 types of masks imported from China as the local manufacturer production capacity can’t meet the demand but when I started to do further research, I found that the market is very chaotic and hard to even get a box of good children face mask.

The first type of mask is the most common type you can find either online or from shops which are the China GB/T32610-2016 standard. This is usually selling very cheap online but this mask is an obsolete product that most people wouldn’t buy for themselves as it is already proven that it can’t protect against the deadly Covid-19 virus despite most sellers advertised it as 3-ply masks showing you the CE/FDA certifications etc. but you can’t verify whether the certificate is authentic or not by simply looking at the certificates.


The second type is the YY0469-2011 which is also known as a disposable surgical mask which can filter out the virus (BFE= Bacterial Filtration Efficiency) but the downside is this higher standard type of mask have caused many people experienced irritation around the mouth and nose area and pimples easily developed in these two areas. Imagine even an adult who is wearing this type of face mask is having difficulty to breathe and experienced irritation, what about our little ones? They might be suffering silently but they won’t tell us because we told them to keep the mask on at all times.

The third type of mask which you can find is the GB2626-2006 or most commonly known as a respirator or KN95 and some manufacturer will show it as CE FFP2 standard but this GB2626-2006 standard has been revised by the China government after the pandemic to GB2626-2019 so if you are buying a respirator for yourself, better wait for the updated standard.

There is one thing I learned from this pandemic is, the virus doesn’t care about your wealth and status in life it all depends on our own wisdom to protect ourselves and loved ones.

Therefore, the most important factor to choose the right mask for our beloved children is not the most expensive or the highest standard one but it should be the one that can allow them to breathe comfortably and protect them from the deadly virus.

Fortunately, with the help of a trustworthy friend who is involved in the PPE business since the outbreak, I managed to verify the authenticity of the certificates myself and I am sharing them with you here so that you can do your own checking before you spend the money on the PPEs.

To check the CE, do scroll all the way down and find the appropriate links for the issuing body –, for FDA just key in the manufacturer’s name in the “Establishment or Trade Name” field and search –

Lastly, sharing with you is KANGQIN 3 ply children face mask which is the latest children face mask GB/T 38880-2020 from a local distributor.

Selling price per box (20pcs): RM22 (min order 5 boxes)

All prices exclude shipping fees.

East Malaysia shipping fees: RM 10

West Malaysia shipping fees: RM 7

Please fill up the order form and you will be contacted shortly.

*While stocks last (the next shipment arrived in a few weeks after the school reopens)

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