How to transform your hobby into business

Hobby is a passionate past time activities where you will do it again and again without feeling bored. Some people are so good on it and even excel in their hobby to become a successful career. So, why not transformed your hobby into a profitable niche? and start earning money with your hobby. Sounds great right? Here are the few tips for you.

Build up with your consumer fans

There will be a group of people sharing the same interest as you or seeking for information, looking for help, looking to buy products or services related to your interest. They are your consumer fans. Selling direct to your consumer fans is the easiest way to gain popularity and exposure to your products or services. From there you will form a network and this is where your business starts. 

Get your business listed in online directories

Every hobby has its potential business application.

Basically, online marketplace is one of the fastest and easiest way to reach out to your potential buyers and the transaction are processed by the marketplace operator. There are multiple vendors who list their products or brands in the same platform. Amazon, eBay, Yahoo! store, ClickBank, shop.HobbyLobby etc are some of the famous online marketplace where you can market your products.

Know your costs

Hobby is something that you do it out of passion, but when the minutes you turn it into business it involved material cost and time cost. Being list in the online marketplace involved fees as well. Work out your cost and this will helps you to price your products appropriately. Poor pricing strategy will fail your business.

Wear your products

If you are a jewelry maker, wear your products. This is one of the way to increase your products existence and create brand awareness towards your products and include you. Remember, the more exposure your products the more you will gain on branding and eventually will transform into money making business.

Have an online presence

Nowadays, people tend to do online shopping for convenient purpose and wider products sourcing. Make sure you have an online presence for your products. This will definitely helps to generate more sales and create brand awareness. As mentioned, you can place your products in the online directories such as eBay and Amazon which is virtually fool-poof and others like Shopify, ClickBank, SquareSpace, BigCommerce etc will helps you to create your online store.

Cute baby flip flop by Bebe le Petite
Cute baby flip flop by Bebe le Petite

You can post your products in social media platform as this is another way to gain online presence. Facebook, to share content of your products and reach out to your personal network who able to help you to spread the word. Google+, used it to show your business on the map as it is one of the fastest growing social platform. Twitter, is another good platform to strengthen the relationships with your current network and build your network with those people who you don’t know. LinkedIn, is a good way to share professional information.

However, having a website or eStore of your own to market your product is one of the best way to generate sales. There are a lot of free website building platform like WordPress, Weebly and Wix etc. You can easily build a website within a day. Remember, no traffic mean no sales. Traffic is the ‘blood’ of your website. But, how are you going to generate traffic to your website and eStore?

If I tell you there is an online learning platform to teach you to build your own website and generate traffic to your website, moreover it also provide real time support whenever you have questions. Would it be great? This wonderful online learning platform is Wealthy Affiliate.

Leave a comment here and I’m ready to share with you on how to transform your hobby into a business.

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  1. Great sharing Tracy. You are right, cost management is really important when just starting out to transform a hobby into business. Sometimes, we may just overspent with the thinking that our hobby remains a hobby and not business.

    I would like to share a post I just written about selling on Facebook. This can be really be effective for ppl who wants to build small business out of their passion. Here is the link.

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