Is there an evergreen niche?

For mums who are toying with the idea of setting up your own online business but are plagued by 1,001 questions, vary no more and proceed full speed ahead! Let not your worries hold you back because this is perfectly normal as one embarks on changes and new situations. Cast your doubts away because CMC has got you covered from considering your 5Ds, how to build your website and start selling, how to find a niche, etc.

If you still need that extra push, let me shed some light on how huge the virtual market is out there and the endless possibilities that you can potentially create for yourself. It does not matter what you choose to sell because there will be buyers available in any corner of the world. The key to success is the ability to reach your target audience and to offer what they are looking for.

Is there any evergreen niches?

A niche that is evergreen is always high in demand and stable. Though saturated, it is and will always remain current and popular for years to come. Here are examples of evergreen niches in the market that mumpreneurs can explore:

  1. Weight lossbelly-2354_640

All of us have heard about inner beauty shines and outer beauty attracts. Taking care of how we look is no longer deemed as vain because appearance does matter to everyone. Years and decades passed and weight related topics are still relevant today because people are actively seeking for solutions and tips to shed some extra pounds. This niche will not fade and we will continue to see an upward trend as new diets and weight loss products are being introduced in the market.

  1. Beauty, anti-aging and health


This is definitely an evergreen niche as more and more people become concerned and conscious of their diet due to growing awareness and importance placed on maintaining a good health. As well, everyone wishes to look younger than their real age and wants to stay beautiful and youthful for as long as they possibly can. Products and ‘know-how’ associated with health and beauty in the market today are not limited to over-the–counter, therefore the target audience for this niche is huge.

It is rather unfortunate that most career mums are unable to devote sufficient time to maintain their blog or website due to family and work commitments. Blogging and content writing has now become a big challenge. Having said this, your blog or website is your ‘baby’ too, which needs your undivided attention to ‘grow’ and ‘flourish’. So, is there an alternative that allows you to have a virtual business, minus the effort to blog or write content? (Although content writing is still considered the best approach, in my opinion.)

For the benefit of sharing, there is a US based company named Jeunesses, which sells health and beauty products that are capable of changing the lives of people around the world. Jeunesses uses e-commerce platform to promote its products, enabling its business partners to have a wider reach of audience. In summary, it works just like any other affiliate marketing. You generate sales and receive commission in return, without the need to hold any stocks.

Do not be mistaken that I am being hard selling here, my intention is purely to share. After signing up as a member and paying a minimal fee, you will have a URL of your own and thereafter, you can start promoting its products using your URL. You can refer to my URL for further details. I would personally recommend that you give their flagship products a try and see the changes for yourself before selling, being a living testimonial of the products that you sell is the most convincing way to gain business. You can drop me a line and I am willing to share more with you.

  1. Ways to earn more money


Judging from the innumerable quotes and sayings about money, it is clear to us that money is an essential need for everyone. Nobody in their right mind would refuse a good piece of advice on how to make wealth grow. If you have great money-making ideas to share, people will give you their time and attention to learn more from you. This is how you can build your audience and mailing list.

Why are we going online?

Even a regular activity such as shopping is shifting towards an electronically driven landscape as people find it more convenient to shop for their daily needs online at the comfort of their homes. This is in contrast to a stressful shopping experience at the departmental store; from battling high traffic, to the impossible task of locating a parking spot and getting stuck at the payment counter due to long queues (and quite possibly, spending more than required).

Online / virtual shopping provides more flexibility as shoppers can make purchases in any location of the world and at any time they prefer; this spells good news to us mumpreneurs as we can create far reaching opportunities for ourselves. According to statistics published by Center for Retail Research, the number of online shoppers is gradually increasing and this trend is set to continue.

Be realistic and have a plan B for yourself

As we brace ourselves for the inevitable, why not have a back-up plan in place to supplement the funding of our children’s education, household expenses, retirement, etc.? It is not uncommon to read and hear about companies undergoing restructuring or downsizing exercise and reducing headcount due to the global economic decline. The risk of being unemployed, coupled with a sense of insecurity is very real. Having your own virtual business can help you to sustain even if you have been laid off.

The cost to set up a virtual business is very minimal. Once you get it started, it takes commitment, determination, passion and time to keep the ball rolling.

Action time!!

 It is futile if all you do is read and no action is taken. Your dream will only continue to be a dream. Stop giving yourself excuses such as lack of support, don’t know how and where to start, short of time and the list goes on.

CMC is here with you, every step of the way. Do drop us a line or email us at and we are more than happy to fulfill your dream. Together with your dedication and tenacity, let’s make this year a fruitful one! Cheers!


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