Sharing is the key to success

Here, I’ll be talking about ‘SHARING’. I personally believe in sharing; a person with a big heart to share will be a great achiever in any fields.

At first I joined Wealthy Affiliate, my family and friends are giving me negative comments. In their perception, I am helping other people to promote their business and it doesn’t benefit me at all. But, I do not agreed and I am going to proof them wrong.


First of all, in our day to day life, directly and indirectly we are doing the same act called sharing.

  • You ‘gossips’ in the office. This is sharing of information
  • You ‘read’ or ‘give’ your review in a post. This is sharing of information
  • You ‘recommend’ someone to a good restaurant. This is sharing of information
  • You ‘tell’ someone your good news/achievement. This is sharing of information/feelings

and the list goes on. At the end, you shared information without realize.

Are all these sharing, benefited? Not really.

So, what’s wrong on sharing a beneficial online learning business community which benefit for everyone? 

I personally have tried out WA, it is an amazing platform towards creating your successful online business. Somehow, you must really have to feel it and experience it personally to proof my statement. I can tell you how wonderful and how powerful of a product but without trying it on your own, my statement to you is just ‘nonsense’.

Please don’t get me wrong, this is NOT a ‘get rich scheme’ which you can be rich in a week or a month. Success takes time and effort. If you are not commit and determine, it wouldn’t get you there. A lot of people having big dreams but big dreams need action to make it happen.

Your dream is just a ‘seed’ which you had planted, in order to make the seed grow to a strong tree it needs your action to provide it water, fertiliser and proper sunlight. You do this action year in year out eventually you’ll get the ‘fruits’.

Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page & Sergey Brin (Founders of Google) etc they are not ‘one day’ billionaire. Their success is years of effort and time invested.

If today you do not take the small ‘action’ which lead to big ‘harvest’ you will not get it at all. That is just ‘day dream’.




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