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She manages Pest and Business.

Carron Lee

Do not give up! Be persistent in achieving your goals!


 What is your philosophy as a mum?

A dedicated mother, who provides good shelter for my family with care and love.

What is your current profession?

 I am a Business Development Manager in a MNC.

What is your passion?ffa14c9be925f7952f56d81888816eee

I love to cook for my family during my free time. Hearing them exclaimed, ‘Wah! Yummy!’ and seeing the expression on their faces whenever my food tantalises their taste buds are just priceless!

 I love blogging as well and I am passionate about all things pests. Of late, I have also started a private journal and some blogs on business writing.

What is your inspiration and how you started your profession/blog?

I started blogging about pests a few years ago. With 10 years of working experience under my belt in the pest control industry, I wanted to share the knowledge that I gained with friends and anyone close to me.

What is your profession / blog about?

During the early stages of my career, I was more involved in the technical aspect of the pest control industry. I would conduct inspections and training and provide specialist recommendations to customers. I rarely dabbled in business development.

 Having learnt so much throughout the years, it comes naturally to me to blog about pests. I write mostly about technical information on how to get rid of pests. 

What makes your profession / blog unique?

Pest Management is very niche in nature. There is hardly anyone writing about pests in the blogosphere.

How do you balance being a mother and running your own business/career?

Time management is key. I won’t say that I manage my time perfectly but I am trying my very best.

During the day, I will try to focus on my work completely. Once home, I will give all my time to my family. If I need to pull an all-nighter, I will ensure that the kids are in bed before I sneak out to do my paper work.

Weekend is definitely reserved for ‘ME’ time; I will go out with my family and catch up with friends.

Vacation is a must! I will arrange and plan for getaways every year, be it locally or abroad with those dear to me. It certainly feels great being among different company, so I make time for a holiday with different people every quarter.

 Support from spouse  is equally important too. My husband understands what my ambitions are and gives me his fullest support. Without him, it will be difficult for me to achieve work-life balance. Recently, I have decided to pursue MBA and I hope he will give me 100% support on this.

What is your advice or sharing you have for other mums who think of setting up their own small business?

Go for it, chase your dreams! You may think of quitting your 9-to-5 job once you are a mum but do not let your dreams die. All you need is proper planning. It is possible to have your own career, while raising a family.

Up-coming events

As of now, I have no upcoming events yet. However, I am actively managing the following FB pages as I am the administrator:  

  1. Malaysian Pestys


  1. Parent’s Dojo 

https://www.facebook.com/parentsdojo/ . 

What is your motherhood/mumpreneur slogan?

Do not give up! Be persistent in achieving your goals!

I can be reached at www.carronlee.com and https://www.facebook.com/carronleehub/

If you would like to inspire others and share your success story as a successful mumpreneur, you are welcome to drop a message to support@careermumsclub.com



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