This Graphic Tool Makes Your Life Easy

Are you struggling to create graphic designs for your blog and do not know how to manage Adobe Illustrator? Don’t tear out your hair yet. I had a solution for you.

I used to face these issues before I came across this useful and simple tool to come out with my own designs in a very short time and most importantly it doesn’t require any designs background.

Pixteller is user-friendly web-based software to create stunning graphics as below.

These are some of my creations which doesn’t take me 30 min to complete.

For your social media post:

For your business pamphlets:

For photo collages:

Impressive and can’t wait to try? Subscribe your FREE account and try it out today.

Even though I’m Adobe user all these while but I still find this tool gives me more than my expectations. I can say it’s the fastest & easiest way.

Let me show you why I choose Pixteller with these #10 reasons:

#1. You are able to check out the creations of other designers, and you can even utilize/modify from their designs.

 If you can’t think of design yourself you can just ‘recreate’ from the ready designs. Yes! It’s just that easy. You don’t even need to spend time to crack your head to come out with a beautiful creation. There are plenty of templates available.

#2. You can structure for social media sizes up to print-sizes.

It caters for different needs from social media posts, marketing, events, banner designs, cover & header to custom visual.

#3. There are over 1,000,000 free images for you to choose from or you can select from your own collection.h

Woo…you got it right! There are more than what you can imagine. Anyway, you are free to use your own photos if you find it too hard to decide from the seas of free images.

#4. Customize fonts to make your design really extraordinary.h

Again, there are more than 30 fonts available for you to make your designs special. However, do stick with a MAXIMUM of 2 fonts so that it looks professional and unique.

#5. Create images with transparent backgrounds.

Before using Pixteller, I found this was too tedious for me. Now, this is just an easy task. Adjust Opacity to zero and you’ll get a transparent background.

#6. There are tones of instant formats to play with.

#7. Save your work as PDF

Besides PDF, you can save it as PNG or JPG whichever you need for work that able to give you the best quality.

#8. There are filters for all graphics and text for you to play with.

Filters can bring out the different feelings and expression from your artwork. This can give your creation a perfect touch before present it to the desired audience.

#9. You can have your designs animated too.h

Check out my latest animation….Cool!

#10. For only $12/month- best value package (for annual billing) you can get all that & more. Give it a try if that’s not your cup of tea you may request for 100% money back guarantee within 30days.

For you who are with limited resources, this is not a huge investment all. It just a $0.40 per day and you can get something that is worth more than that. You can even able to ask for a refund after tried for 30days if you think that it is not what you are looking for.

These are the 10 points that solved all my graphics headaches. So what are you waiting for? Try out Pixteller today and you will love it. Trust me!

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