Ways to work from home

During the era without the internet, work from home seems impossible for all. As people spend a lot of time in communicate with each other around the world. Now, with the mighty invention of internet, everything become easy and convenient to reach. People are prefer to stay at home to beat the traffic and crowd by doing online purchases, attend online courses, watching online drama, playing online games and online social.

As you can see the trend now is ONLINE, ONLINE and ONLINE…..Online market is extremely huge and online monetization is the easiest way to work from home.

Working online requires minimum time and investment. You can work anywhere and anytime as you wish. Lets see what are the few ways you can work from home and spend more time with family.

Website Design and Development

I come across a lot of people are asking ” I’m not from IT background, how can I develop a website?”. Now, with CMS platform such as WordPress and Wix etc building a website is just that easy. Even a school children are able to do it. All you need is content writing skills, photo editing and a creative mind. If you feel you still not fully equip to start, don’t worry there is also a platform for you to gain your internet marketing skills and website creation tools for free. With these, you can easily start a website creation and design company for clients who are too busy to create by themselves. In addition, you can provide value added services for your client as well such as search engine optimization, social media marketing and content writing.

Online Business (eStore)

Online business also known as eCommerce is a form of commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet. Consumers can placed orders and make payment in your eCommerce site. There is a shopping cart, payment gateway and all you need to do is frequently updates the products at your site. Although setting up an eStore requires minimal cost, however budget need to be allocate on driving traffic to your site, advertising and promotion as well as branding to make an online business successful. By using WooCommerce plugin, creating an eCommerce site is just too simple.

Trading on Online Marketplace

If you do not wish to create your own eCommerce site, trading on online marketplace is another option which you can pick on. You can sell your products in the famous online marketplace such as eBay, Amazon, ClickBank and Yahoo!store etc. There are many people trade their products in the high traffic social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram as well and at the same time drive product awareness and branding. You can also run ads within the social media platform if you want to drive more traffic to your sales page.

Internet Advertising

It is more important to have good content in your website compare to the design of your website. Your resourceful content will draw recurring targeted readers to visit your site. Eventually, this will drive significant traffic to your website. You may therefore consider to place other’s advertisement in your website to make money from there. Alltop.com, buzzfeed.com and mashable.com are the few successful websites monetized through this method. If you are keen to make money via ad placement, you can consider working with Taboola, Contend.ad and Adsense etc.

Affiliate Marketing

One more well known way of making money online is promoting affiliate products. Without holding inventory and product delivery, all you need to do is promoting someone else products by bringing in visitors and customers to the business and you will be reward based on the successful sales made. There are millions of products and services you can promote from the famous affiliate marketplace such as Amazon, Agoda, ClickBank etc. Most of the popular affiliate marketplace offered 10% – 70% commission on successful sales referred.

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